1 Corinthians Studies

1 Corinthians
Hi CoastEC,

Over the next 6 months we'll be tackling the book of 1 Corinthians.


I’ve had lots of Christians tell me they wish the modern church was more like the early church. They obviously haven’t ever read 1 Corinthians! This church was going off the rails big time. There was conflict and division; jealousy and pride over spiritual gifts; gross sexual immorality; Christians were taking each other to court and using their freedom in selfish and harmful ways, and lots of other crazy stuff.

Paul had planted the church at Corinth when he went there on mission and preached the gospel (Acts 18:1-18). Now he’s heard some disturbing reports and received a letter from them asking lots of questions. So he writes to them to address the various issues (which are very much alive and kicking in the church today) and to untangle the mess.

As we study 1 Corinthians together for the first half of this year, it will probably raise some personal and theological issues that you feel strongly about. Let’s have an honest look at ourselves and our beliefs in light of the Word of God – and let God have the final say. My prayer is that we’ll all be humble enough to let God shape us as His Spirit opens our eyes to the truth, and that we’d be empowered to live more fully under the Lordship of Christ, to the glory of God.


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