5 Reasons for Formalising Membership

CoastEC is formalising it's membership.
God calls His People 'members of God's household' and 'members of the body of Christ'. Jesus paid the price for our membership with his blood. And He spells out the privileges and responsibilities of membership in His Word.

We don't want to make it harder to be a member of CoastEC than it is to be a member of God's Kingdom, but we do want to expect any less of our members either. As a church we are serious about maturing people in Christ, so we want to help our members to function how God calls and equips them to function. (You can hear a sermon about biblical membership here)

Here are 5 reasons we believe formalising membership will be helpful for CoastEC:

1. We hope that the process of thinking it through will help you clarify your understanding of the bible’s teaching about membership – both the privleges and responsibilities – and will help you to be more intentional about functioning like a member in the biblical sense.

2. It’s a concrete and practical way for you to say to the other members: “I’ve got your back. We’re in this together. I’m want to play my part. I’m not just a spectator, I’m a body part, and I’m going to serve you. I’m not just an acquaintance who attends the same public meeting, I’m a member of your spiritual family, a brother or sister, and you can count on me."

3. It’s a way to let the leadership know: “I’m on board with CoastEC’s vision - to glorify God by helping others grow toward spiritual maturity, by serving them in ministry (faithfully using my gifts & abilities), and by partnering together in mission (making Jesus name known to the 25,000 people living in region)."

4. This also helps the leadership know who we are (and aren’t) pastorally responsible for. As a small church we have very limited resources. We can’t possibly look after everyone. So we’ll need to prioritise our resources to make sure our members are being looked after. So becoming a member is a way for you to say: “I’m placing myself under the spiritual care and direction of the leadership". It’s like choosing to swim between the flags at the beach, because that’s where we’ll be focussing our attention.

5. It will also help us protect the purity of the gospel and the priority of gospel ministry. We want to pass on the gospel faithfully to the next generation. So only formal members will be able to a) take on KEY leadership or teaching roles (eg Admin Committee members, Home Group Leaders, Youth leaders, Kids Ministry Co-ordinators, Ministry Drivers and Scripture teachers) and b) have a vote in key directions for CoastEC and the appointment of office bearers (at our AGM which is held in February each year).

CoastEC will have two membership intakes per year (usually February and October).
For each intake there will be a Membership Info Night (to suss it out and ask questions) and a deadline for applications.
To find out about the next Membership Night - head here
If you would like to apply for formal membership, you can a) view and download the membership material and application form b) put your form into the collection bag at church (or hand it to the pastor).

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