Sunday School Roster (Dec 31 - Jan 28), Tue 19 Dec, 17

Kids Church Roster (Dec31-Jan28).pdf

Sunday School Roster (Oct - Dec 2017), Thu 12 Oct, 17

Kids Church Roster (Oct-Dec 2017).pdf

Coast Card 12th October 2017, Thu 12 Oct, 17

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|*Coast Card 12th October 2017

Coast Card 14th September 2017, Fri 15 Sep, 17

Hello CoastEC Family,Hey Church!Was super to get together on Sunday for Dream and Scheme. We've got a big vision (reaching as many of the 25K people living within a 25min drive with gospel as possible), there&...

Coast Card 30 September 2017, Fri 01 Sep, 17

Hello CoastEC Family,Hey Family!It was so good to get to our Women's Preaching day on Sunday. Tiana, Jill, Fi and Hannah, did an awesome job of taking us through the passages and I was super encouraged ...

Coast Card 17th August 2017, Fri 18 Aug, 17

Hello CoastEC Family,Hey Family!I reckon time together often feels a bit rushed so it was super to slow down a bit for our Weekend Away, enjoy fellowship (a whole heap of Spike Ball), food, and to sit under ...

Coast Card August 3rd 2017, Wed 09 Aug, 17

Hello CoastEC Family,Hey people!I'm looking forward to heading away with you for the weekend as a church family! Dave Macdonald, National Director of FIEC, will be our speaker. Dave will be tackling the topic of '...

Coast Card Jul 20 2017, Fri 21 Jul, 17

Hello CoastEC Family,Some great news - it's official! We've signed a contract and put a deposit down to buy some land so CoastEC can build a ministry facility on! This has been something we'...

Coast Card 7th July 2017, Fri 07 Jul, 17

Heya CoastEC,It's been so good to hear from a couple of the Hallidays Launch Team gang up front at church over the last couple of weeks hasn't it! I love hearing about how they'...

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