April 09 prayer update

Praise God for a great launch! It was a great day and we couldn’t have hoped for a better start. We had our first public service on Easter Sunday - and we were amazed that 100 people showed up. 80 were people on holidays or friends who’d come to support us (thanks guys!), and 20 were locals (which we’re praising God for!). A number of locals have already contacted me saying they’re keen to call Coast Evangelical their home church and to partner with us in our mission.

Please pray for good follow-up of locals and that God would draw a large like-minded core group together, and that we’d work to see Jesus glorified in the region.

Pray for energy for the core team who are serving in multiple ministries on Sunday to make it all work. Logistically, we NEED MORE SOLDIERS to make the public meeting viable long term. But that said, everyone’s very encouraged and keen to work hard.

Please also pray for more jobs for our core team. Forster has high unemployment (over 10% and growing) so it’s been really hard for the team to get solid work. (Most jobs are by word of mouth, and when you’re from out of town, you’re also out of the loop). So far Evan has a part time job at ALDI, Tom has some casual nursing shifts, and Ali has had a few casual shifts at an outdoor rec centre. That is all the paid employment we have. Myself and Alicia (doing MTS) are paid staff (we’re trying to raise our own external support). My wife Sharon is at home with our new baby boy Caleb, and Stu is still looking for a job.

Please pray for an open door to the high school to teach Scripture. I’ve had a positive response from 3 other pastors in the area who would be keen to see it happen, and I have the job of writing the syllabus. We’re meeting with the principal on 29 April.

We’re also starting a youth group called Grommets - for kids in years 5 and 6. We are hoping to kick it off in the next few weeks, but have a lot of connecting (and praying!) to do. Please pray for a great start, and that we can build from a solid core.

Thanks for your prayers guys. Stand firm!


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