Hey people,

We’ve been going for 7 weeks now! Here's some recent news and praise/prayer points...

The core group (all 7 of us!) have been working hard at building relationships through the soccer club, mother’s group and work places. Please pray for us to shine brightly as we live for Jesus, and for wisdom and boldness to share the gospel.

We’re praising God that several local people have decided to join the church! So far 2 families, and about 8 others have said they’re keen to call Coast Evangelical their home church. Many people who’ve been coming along are people who’ve fallen out from going to church in the last 6 years or so. Pray that they’ll get through their past pain, rejoin fellowship, and make a fresh start of serving Jesus.

We're building a kids church and youth group around the children who have started coming. The kids are keen to invite their mates, and the parents are going to start inviting other parents and kids from the local schools. Please pray for heaps of kids to get converted and for them to bring their families to church too.

Praise God that our Youth group (yrs5-6) started two weeks ago with 3 kids regularly coming. Pray that they’ll keep coming, growing in their faith in Jesus and that they’ll invite their mates. Pray for Evan and Alicia as they head up this ministry. We’re planning a mid year mission to yr5-6 kids (July 22-24 July) – pray for the young team from St Faiths Narrabeen who are coming to help us.

Please pray that we’d be able to start a second home group / bible study group soon. We're trying to round up a core for that, and one of the new ladies who's joined the church is praying about hosting.

I met with some pastors and the principal of the Great Lakes College to talk about getting High School Scripture started next year. The proposal has now gone to the school board / P & C. Please ask for God to open this door, and for Him to raise up gifted teachers to share Christ with the 1600 students at the College.

Also pray for Tom, Ali and Stu – that they’d get regular jobs soon (and stay positive and motivated to keep looking).

Give thanks for the generosity of God’s people who’ve made this ministry possible so far, and ask for God to keep providing the funds and resources we need.

Thanks for your prayers and support

(and the COAST EC team)

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