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Dec 15/Jan 16 Prayer Update, Wed 04 May, 16

Here is the latest prayer update for you to read and pray through. 

October/November 2015 Prayer Update, Wed 04 May, 16

Here is our latest prayer update for you.

Prayer Update Aug-Sept 2015, Wed 05 Aug, 15

Prayer Supporter Update June/July 2015, Fri 05 Jun, 15

Prayer Update April/May 2015, Wed 08 Apr, 15

PRAYER UPDATE – VIDEO (May-June 2014), Mon 21 Apr, 14

Hi friends, thanks for your ongoing prayer & support. Here's what's been happening, and what's coming up!Have a great day!Chris (on behalf of CoastEC).PRAYER POINTS...Print VersionPrayer Update - 2014 - may-junPDF

PRAYER UPDATE (Mar-Apr 2014), Sun 09 Mar, 14

Hi friends, I hope 2014 is going well for you! We really value your prayer, friendship and financial support. Please thank God for His amazing provision through the generosity of churches and Christians. We could not be doing what we're doing ...

PRAYER UPDATE (Jan-Feb 2014), Mon 13 Jan, 14

Hi friends, Please pray with us that 2014 would be a year that God grows His church to His glory! We can plan stuff and share the Word, but only God can give the growth, so please pray! Thanks a bazillion, ...

PRAYER UPDATE (Nov-Dec 2013), Mon 04 Nov, 13

Hey people, What a year! I can't believe it’s coming to an end. There are lots of things to thank God for and plenty to ask Him to accomplish for His own glory. Thanks for your ongoing support and ...

PRAYER UPDATE (Aug-Sept 2013), Mon 29 Jul, 13

Hey people, I hope you’re all well. Here’s a taste of what’s going on at CoastEC at the moment and some things we’d love you to pray about. Thanks for all your kind support! Much love, ...

PRAYER UPDATE (JUNE-JULY 2013), Sat 18 May, 13

Hey people,Thanks for your continued support and interest! I just wanted to briefly put you in the picture so you can know what’s happening and how to pray for us in an informed way! Much love,Chris (...

PRAYER UPDATE (APR-MAY 2013), Sun 31 Mar, 13

Hi people! Can you believe that CoastEC has just turned 4 years old! I can hardly believe it myself because so much has happened in that time that. God has grown my family (I still one amazing wife, but now have 3 ...

Prayer Update (Feb-Mar 2013), Thu 31 Jan, 13

Hi people! 2013 has started with a bang and we’re amazed at what God has been doing amongst us. Please keep us in your prayers because it’s only by God’s grace that we’re sustained, and it’s ...

Prayer Update (Oct-Nov 2012), Thu 25 Oct, 12

Hi people! I hope you’re all well. It's been a busy season, but God has been sustaining us by his grace. My family is charging along. We had a month of all being sick, and we're stoked it's over! ...

Prayer Update (July 2012), Sat 23 Jun, 12

Hi friends! Thanks for your continued prayer & support! It’s been a great year for me personally, with the exciting new addition of Chloe Hope to Team Ekins. She’s great, and both Caleb and Hannah have welcomed their new ...

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