Overcoming our desires and temptations (James 1:12-18) by Dev Blair , added on Wed 01 Mar, 17

Ever feel like you're just beaten down by sin? Tired of battling against temptation? Join us as we take a look at what James tell God's people as their trials turn into temptations.

Accepting and Doing the Word (James 1:19-27) by Joel Hill , added on Wed 08 Mar, 17

How do you feel about the Bible? James tells us the word has been planted in us, it’s not native and so it’ll grate, grind, and get under our skin. How should we respond to it? ...

How to be a welcoming church (James 2:1-13) by Dev Blair , added on Wed 15 Mar, 17

If God doesn't have favourites does that mean I have to spend time with everyone equally? Is that what James means? Jump in with us as we check out a hard hitting passage on how we are to ...

Deedless Faith is Dead Faith (James 2:14-26) by Chris Ekins , added on Wed 22 Mar, 17

How do you know if your faith legit and not bogus? A genuine Christian should be easy to spot.

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