Jesus: Got the Goods! (Matthew 4:1-11) by Joel Hill , added on Sun 11 Feb, 18

This week Jesus is tried and tested and he's got the goods like no other spiritual belief does.

Fishing for people (Matthew 4:12-25) by Chris Ekins , added on Sun 18 Feb, 18

Unfortunately the first few seconds of this talk were cut off, but we hope you can still make sense of the rest of it!Jesus is building his kingdom. He calls us to repent, follow and going fishing for people. ...

How to Live Your Blessed Life Now! (Matthew 5:1-12) by Dev Blair , added on Sun 25 Feb, 18

God is an upfront God. He wants you to know that His plans are to change you. If you don't follow Him then He wants that to change. If you do follow Him, then he wants every area ...

Putting on Peace, Cutting off Lust (Matthew 5:21-30 by Dev Blair , added on Sun 18 Mar, 18

Following Jesus means being 'salt' and 'light' to a decaying and dark world. But how do we do that? Join us as we begin unpacking some of the practicalities of everyday living, both inside the church ...

Matthew 5:31-37 by Joel Hill , added on Sun 25 Mar, 18

Unfortunately the first few minutes of this sermon weren't recorded. We will be attaching the written sermon so you can read what was said in the next week or so. 

How to Handle Evil & Enemies (Matthew 5:38-48) by Joel Hill , added on Sun 08 Apr, 18

Being wronged is such a normal part of life but handling it is always hard. Where do you start? How do you handle it? In this chunk of the Bible Jesus trains us to handle evil and enemies. What he ...

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