Dream and Scheme

Sun 10th Sep, 2017
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Chris Ekins  

Over the next few months there are 3 big meetings that will have a significant impact on the life and direction of CoastEC

  1. In September, the staff are heading away for a few days to pray and plan for next year
  2. In October, the Admin Committee will meet to make some big calls about our budget for the next year
  3. We'd love to get all the formal members of CoastEC together to hear from them - to 
  • get their feedback on how things are going
  • give them an opportunity to ask any questions
  • hear their suggestions for how we can more effectively try and achieve our vision of reaching as many of the 25K people living within a 25min drive with gospel as possible
  • share some ideas about some potential new ventures we might have a crack at
  • spend some good time praying together

So, on Sunday 10th September we're having a 'Dream and Scheme session' for all our formal members and we'd love them all to be there

  • We'll have a kids pgm (they'll be supervised watching a video) - please book your kids in here.
  • And we'd love you to bring a little bit of arvo tea to share as we sit and chat.
  • We'll kick off at 1:30 and wrap up at 3:45.
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