Christmas Services

Thu 24th Dec, 2020
10:00 am - 10:00 am
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A Christmas Service for the whole community!

Coast Evangelical Church warmly invites you to come & celebrate with us. The Christmas Eve church service will go for less than an hour and it will suit kids of all ages and adults of all stages of faith. So bring the whole family and enjoy the festivities!

Why bother?

Our God and Saviour has entered our world to reveal Himself and reconcile rebellious & broken people to Himself! Christmas is the time we celebrate God's amazing generosity by giving Himself to us in Christ!  Jesus lived the life we could not live (without sin); died the death we should have died (for sin); and conquered death to give us gifts we could never earn or deserve (forgiveness of sin, the Holy Spirit and eternal life!). These amazing gifts are free to us, but cost Him everything. So come and unwrap the gifts God's given you this Christmas.

Service times TBA

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