Feb Fast

Mon 17th Feb, 2020
Sun 23rd Feb, 2020

Great news family! 

During our Dream & Scheme in 2019, some of the things that people suggested were to help people have opportunities to grow in their understanding of some more 'spiritual disciplines' - like prayer, journaling, memorising Scripture and fasting. Good stuff!

So, in the lead up to our Vision 2020 (AGM) and the commissioning of Joel & Hannah to plant Manning Bible Church in Taree, I'm encouraging Coast to exercise or grow in the spiritual discipline of fasting. 

Fasting is a great way to sharpen our focus on God as our Provider. Biblically it was used for repentance, expressing sorrow, seeking God's wisdom or guidance, and worship. Sometimes they did it individually - sometimes corporately. I know that there are some at Coast who already practise biblical fasting and find it beneficial in the way they relate to God and grow in Christlikeness. What a great chance it is to come before God, as a faith-family, and ask for wisdom, strength and guidance for the year to come. 

Are you up for giving this a crack? 

Below is a small helpful chapter on fasting and, also a link to a short video (3 mins) on it. 

Fasting Chapter - David Mathis 

Fasting Vid - Steve Um

The plan for the week is:

  • Encourage our people to give up something (a type of food, tv, social media, regular activity, a certain mode of transport) for the week. From the morning of Monday, 17th - the arvo of Sunday, 23rd February.   
  • There will be handouts at the services on Sunday the 16th Feb with specific prayers for each day that people can choose to focus on. I will also post them to social media (won't help those fasting from it - hence the handouts!) during the week, as well. Or, you can get the PDF here: FF Prayer points.pdf.  
  • A church-wide text will come out each morning as well to encourage with Scripture and a prayer point reminder. 
  • Each morning Monday through Sunday, the church office will be open at 6:30 -7am, for those who want to gather and pray together. 

This is a great chance as God's people to come before Him in prayer. 

Love ya, tigers!



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