GAP Year (Gospel Apprenticeship Program)

CoastEC runs a GAP year program for those who have just finished school! Check out the video below or click through the link to apply. Any questions, contact Dev Blair, or 0433 703 337.

What’s it about, what’s involved and why it might be for you!

Here on the coast, surfers won’t always take the first wave that comes. They wait, take a breath and watch for the better wave. That’s what our GAP Year is all about. It allows you to take a breath and prepare yourself for the next season - whatever that might be. We figure that you are going to be in a local church somewhere on the planet for the next 60-80 years (God willing!), no matter what career/life stage you are in. So, we want to help you to be as effective as possible utilising the gifts that God has blessed you with. 

The CoastEC Gospel Apprenticeship Program (G.A.P.) is a year-long discipleship course overseen by the church’s Maturity Pastor. Every participant of the program will work on the staff team of CoastEC for three-days a week in a volunteer capacity. Each program is completely tailored to the individual. 

Whether you know what you want to do after school, or even if you have no idea what direction you should head - then come and see why we reckon this is sweet investment regardless of what your future may hold. 

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