GAP Year (Gospel Apprenticeship Program)

What’s it about, what’s involved and why it might be for you!

Here on the coast, surfers won’t always take the first wave that comes. They wait, take a breath and watch for the better wave. That’s what our GAP Year is all about. It allows you to take a breath and prepare yourself for the next season - whatever that might be. We figure that you're going to be in a local church somewhere on the planet for the next 60-80 years (God willing!), no matter what career/life stage you are in. So, we want to help you to be as effective as possible utilising the gifts that God has blessed you with. 

The CoastEC Gospel Apprenticeship Program (G.A.P.) is a year-long discipleship course overseen by the church’s Maturity Pastor. Every participant of the program will work on the staff team of CoastEC for three-days a week in a volunteer capacity. Each program is completely tailored to the individual. They have a Primary Focus Stream (PFS) that looks to train them to be more effective in their chosen area. 

Which means, if you love kid's ministry then that can be your focus.  If you can't stand kids (for some reason!) then there is no need to do kid's ministry. If you love singing/musical instruments, then that can be your PFS. If you want to give preaching or upfront stuff a crack, we'll provide the training and the platform. If you couldn't think of anything worse - no worries, no need to do it. 

We just want to make you better at being you - God created you the way you are for a reason - He gave you gifts, abilities and a specific personality, all for His glory - let us help you grow well into the things He has blessed you with.  

So, whether you know what you want to do after school, or even if you have no idea what direction you should head - then come and see why we reckon this is a sweet investment regardless of what your future may hold. Ensure that you're ready to face the next wave with confidence. 

These programs often take a fair amount of money to run. This one is no exception. However, the very kind and generous people who call CoastEC home are incredibly enthusiastic about the results that the GAP Year brings - so, they contribute significantly to the program. The end result is that you pay zero dollars! Yep, zero. All your conferences, training, camps and textbooks are all covered. How good is that!

Throughout the year, no matter your PFS, we will provide training and opportunities in the following:


SummerLife Mission - a 10-day local youth/young adult's mission run by Scripture Union

Cru Camp - week-long camp at Lake Mac being a helper/leader with others from CoastEC

KYCK - Conference in the Blue Mountains

CoastEC Weekend Away - our August Church Camp in Seal Rocks

FIEC Annual Conference - at Stanwell Tops - our Network/Denomination's conference

Youth Leader's Training Weekend

Equip Women's Conference - Livestream (chicks only!)

ManUp Weekend Away (guys only!)

Opportunity for a Philippines Mission Trip (not paid for)

Ministry Training/Opportunites

How to write a Bible talk (to adults, to youth, to kids)

How to run a Discussion Group

Running Games

121 Bible Reading Training

Local Indigenous Mission

Writing and sharing your testimony

Teaching Primary Scripture

CoastEC Women's/Men's Events

SuperSalt - winter Holiday Program

Money Management Course

Bible Stuff

Reading the WHOLE Bible from cover to cover chronologically!

Foundational Theology - Textbooks (x2) & Discussion (Term 1)

Biblical Theology - Textbook & Discussion + Marked Essay (Term 1)

Systematic Theology - Textbook & discussion + Marked Essay (Term 2)

Christian Ethics - Textbook & Discussion + Marked Essay (Term 3)

Other Faiths & Religions - weekly research then field trip - example: research basics of Mormonism, attend a Mormon service then debrief! (Term 4)

Fortnightly 121 Mentoring from one of our mature believers

Weekly attendance in a CoastEC Homegroup

Required Reading throughout the year

CoastEC's Foundations Course

CoastEC's Diving Deeper Course

CoastEC's Dinner With A Dead Guy/Girl Session x 2-3 (Church History)

CoastEC's RAISE Leadership Course

Applying for the GAP

ALL applications need to be submitted by October 31st 2020 for our January 2021 intake.

Any questions, contact Dev Blair, [email protected] or 0433 703 337.


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