Coast Card 15th May 2020

Hi Family!
Its time to start coming out of our caves!
As of today, Friday 15th May, some restrictions are being lifted which mean that up to 5 people can visit another persons house, and 10 can gather outdoors. (See here for the 3-step roadmap the government has laid out)
We are in the process of working out how the lifting of restrictions will work for Coast, step by step, and how we'll implement those changes. We will be taking a slow and cautious approach in terms of our gatherings and events. So for the next little while, things will remain the same in terms of Online Church and Zoom Homegroups.

But the easing of restrictions gives us 2 practical opportunities to gather in other ways:
  1. Social gatherings. Why not invite a few people from church over to enjoy a meal together or play a board game? or meet another family at the park? or catch up with your home group outdoors and go for a walk together? or invite some neighbours over for drinks on the front lawn?
  2. Church gatherings. Why not host a 'watch party'? You could invite, 1 or 2 or up to 5 people over to your house on Sunday arvo at 4pm to watch Online Church together.
Obviously we encourage you to be sensible in these matters, and to only do this if everyone in your house is well and to follow the advice from NSW health in regards to personal space and hygiene.

So, come out your zoom-cave a little bit, and enjoy some face time with others.
Press on!
The Hazlewood Family enjoying church outside around the fire.
On Monday we officially kick off our Enjoying God Challenge. Incredibly over 100 people have signed up to read this wonderful book together. For those who have signed up then remember:
1) We will be reading 2 chapters of the book per week. No need to panic, as they are only short! Each chapter has a practical 'homework' exercise for you to implement as you stretch your spiritual muscles. Everyone has their book already, so have a read now so you're good to go for next week, because...

2) Each week every Homegroup at CoastEC will spend the first 10-15 minutes discussing what they have read and how their 'homework' is going.

3) Every Sunday morning (Starting on the 24th May) at 10am (on Zoom) there will be the chance to jump on and discuss any encouragements/challenges for the week, for those that think it may be helpful. If you've signed up then look out for the Meeting ID number coming to you via text or Facebook.
Looking forward to hearing about the goodness that flows from reading this as a faith family!

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