Coast Card 17th July 2020

Return to gathering
Hey family - hopefully you've heard through one channel or another that we are back at Forster Public School from this Sunday (July 19th)! Here's a few things to remember before coming along:

1. To help us manage numbers you'll need to register online which is really simple - just visit here and let us know you'll be there! Registration is separate for each congregation including for Kids Church. For parents - register your kids for Kids Church and just yourselves for 4pm. If you're unable to attend after registration just let Heather or myself know and we fix it up.

2. If you're feeling unwell then please stay home - we'll be filming the service so you won't miss out!
3. To make sure we can start on time, please come 10mins early to allow for dropping kids off at Kids Church and checking in for contact tracing.

4. It might not feel like a 'trade up' right now, but swap your pjs and sofa for a public school hall and come ready to see everyone face to face, embrace the awkward and start actually 'churching' again!Blessings



Salt and Riptide are returning on Friday 24th July! You need to pre-register your kids and you can do that here. 

CoastEC Monthly Prayer

One of the silver linings of the current global pandemic is all of us getting familiar with Zoom. For the last couple of months, we have been getting together every Wednesday morning to pray for one another, our church and community. We are moving this to monthly (the first Wednesday of every month), and I reckon it will be a permanent pattern that we keep regardless of what happens with COVID.
So, we would love it if you would join us as you travel to work, eat your brekky or lie in bed! We kick off at 7:30am and are wrapped up before 8am. It's a great chance to 'come together' and praise God, seek His wisdom and help as we reach the region around us.
Why don't you join us on Wednesday, 5th August at 7:30am on Zoom?
The Meeting ID number is 753 220 2633 (Dev's one).
Hope to see your virtual faces then!


So far this year, local giving is $8,709 behind budget.
We are thankful for the many generous supporters who give faithfully to CoastEC. As we seek to continue to share the good news of Jesus in our region, please consider giving a one-off donation to one of the following ministry areas:
  • Scripture (tax deductible)
  • GAP year
  • Manning Bible Church
Please see here for details on how to give to the Scripture Fund.

For donations to GAP or MBC, you can just transfer to the general fund and tag your giving accordingly.

Maybe this year you could invest your tax return (or a % of it) in our ministries.
Thanks for all the financial support guys!
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