Coast Card 1st May 2020

On Monday 18th May, CoastEC will begin a new challenge - to read a book together!

Enjoying God by Tim Chester is one of the more fruitful Christian books that I've had the pleasure of reading in the last decade or so.
It was a shot in the arm for my prayer life and has really helped me get the most out of the time I spend with God.
At our Dream & Scheme last year a few people mentioned that they wanted help with "following Jesus in the everyday" - and this is one of the opportunities born from those requests.

I would love you to join us, as a faith-family, as we encourage one another to enjoy our relationship with God more deeply and fruitfully.

What does it involve and what do you need to know?

1) Click on the link here to sign up. CoastEC will purchase the book for you and deliver it to your door with instructions. If you only want one book per household, etc. then just click that option. If you already have the book - then just click that option!

2) We will be reading 2 chapters of the book per week. No need to panic, as they are only short! Each chapter has a practical 'homework' exercise for you to implement as you stretch your spiritual muscles.

3) Each week every Homegroup at CoastEC will spend the first 10-15 minutes discussing what they have read and how their 'homework' is going.

4) Every Sunday morning at 10am (on Zoom) there will be the chance to jump on and discuss any encouragements/challenges for the week, for those that think it may be helpful.

5) During some of the Sunday services online we will line up a few people to tell us how they are going and what they've put into action.
So, sign up now and get into it! It really is a sweet book and it will make it sweeter doing together!


Thanks for all the financial support guys!
So far this year, we are $13,042 behind budget.
Please pray for our people who have lost jobs or had working hours reduced.
If you'd like to support someone who is struggling financially, you can make a donation to our Love Bomb Fund (click HERE)
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