Coast Card 27th November

Hey Family!

It's been seriously superb to see so many souls at LIFE this past month!
Lots of bodies has been great for vibe and lots of bringing mates is great for the gospel.
Please pray that we'd all do a great job of following up each of these precious souls, that they'd be open to a next step, and that God might lead each to faith and repentance.
Here's 3 potential next steps coming up in the next month to bring your mates and loved ones along to (whether they've come to LIFE or not):
  1. Q+A - a night for anyone curious about Christianity and Christian things to explore their questions and doubts.
  2. Gingerbread House Night - a night to get your building fix, and introduce your mates to your Christian mates.
  3. Christmas Eve Service - our community's still open to celebrating Christmas which I reckon gives us a great opportunity to invite them to this party.
Golden times ahead!


We've mapped out some ministry plans for next year (and some other ministries we'd like to support financially), and we're trying to work out what we can responsibly afford to do. We'd love to know your "best guess" about any financial contribution you're likely to make to CoastEC next year, so we can make our "best guess" about what we can, and can't afford to do.
So if you call CoastEC home, or would like to support our ministries, please CLICK HERE to give us your giving estimate. If we have your response by Dec 15 that would be great! Thanks.

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