Coast Card 28th August 2020

Hey family,
It's been good seeing you again on Sundays, as we keep digging our way through the gospel of Matthew together! I hope you're getting to know the Lord Jesus better.
Just a quick heads up that although we're still encouraging you to wear a mask to the service, once you're seated in the hall (in a distanced way), you can take the mask off if you want to.
See ya there!

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Join us on Zoom for our monthly prayer meeting.
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On Sunday 20th September we're having a Sunday Roast!
This is basically a chance to get together with some other people from church for a cruisy meal and to enjoy some fellowship. It's a sweet way to make some new friends too.
Let us know if you can host, or want to attend (and if you'd prefer lunch or dinner) and we'll be in touch to let you know where you'll be dining, and what you can bring to share.
Sign up here by Wed 9th Sept

As a church, we want to see thousands of people in our region respond to the gospel with faith and repentance, and to grow to maturity as followers of Jesus.
At Dream and Scheme we'll be outlining the draft plan for the year ahead, seeking your input to help us refine it, and praying for the Lord to grow His church.
Sunday 18th October, 1:30pm at Forster Public School Hall.
Save the date! (Rego details coming soon)
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