Coast Card 25th September 2020

Hey Family,
It has been so good seeing you all person on Sundays. Thanks for registering, signing in and wearing your masks as you enter and leave.
Just a reminder for when you register, can you please use the following format (LAST NAME, first name, first name, first name). We need to ensure we properly record who is attending. Thanks so much for your co-operation during this time.

Rego here.

As Christians we often stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us in the faith. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Jesus follower who lived during a crazy hard time. He was a Pastor, Spy, Theologian, and a Martyr.
Come and join us on Sunday Sept 27th for pizza and a look at his life, 7:30pm - 9pm.
Rego is essential - click here.

As a church, we want to see thousands of people in our region respond to the gospel with faith and repentance, and to grow to maturity as followers of Jesus.
At Dream and Scheme we'll be outlining the draft plan for the year ahead, seeking your input to help us refine it, and praying for the Lord to grow His church.
Sunday 18th October, 1:30pm at Forster Public School Hall.

Register here.
LIFE (8-29 Nov)

LIFE is our big outreach course that we usually run at a local cafe. Unfortunately there are no venues available this year.
So we'll be trying something new, and running over 4 Sunday Services instead! We hope this makes the connection to regular church much more natural for those who attend!
Please ask for boldness for our people to bring their friends.
Pray for many to come and check out Life with Jesus, and that they'd respond with faith and repentance.
Pray we can do a great job of following them up and grounding them in the faith.
Don't forget to register for this weeks Church Services!
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