Coast Card 3rd July 2020

Hi Family!

We'll be returning to in person gatherings soon and I'm sure there are a bunch of different reactions on a spectrum from anxious to excited. How are you feeling about it? I know that for a lot of us the change of pace has been quite welcome and I don't think many will be keen to return to the same level of busyness day to day. Wherever you are at, whatever you're feeling, can I encourage you to be praying for God's wisdom, direction, power and provision as we look towards meeting in person again.

Gatherings will look a bit different for a little while as we take some safety precautions for a season. Seating will be more spaced out and unfortunately we won't be able to sing or eat together. But I reckon focusing on what we CAN'T do isn't the best way forward - let's focus on what we CAN do: that we can see finally one another face to face each week as we gather around God and His word! Our bodies are part of our being and so physical gathering is essential to making church... church. I know many are looking forward to the in person encouragement and building up that has been missing during online gathering (and God willing both singing and food will be back in action soon!).
One of the safety precautions we'll be taking is to have online pre-rego for each service. I know this is an extra step but it will really help us with the government mandated contact tracing as well as managing numbers. Each week you'll be able to head to and book in for 4pm, Kids Church, 6pm, Salt and Riptide. It's mega simple and it works on both desktop and mobile. Families can register multiple people in one go (register your surname and then number of people attending) but you'll need to register adults and kids separately - adults register for 4pm and kids register for Kids Church.



Praise God for giving new life to John, Treena, Harry, Lily, Sam and Chloe!
Has anyone got a sweeter spot for a baptism than this?
Check it out.

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