Prayer Update (Feb-Mar 2013)

Hi people!
2013 has started with a bang and we’re amazed at what God has been doing amongst us. Please keep us in your prayers because it’s only by God’s grace that we’re sustained, and it’s only by God’s power that others come to know Him. Thanks again for you continued support through prayer or finances or both!
Stand firm, Chris (on behalf of CoastEC).


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    1. Two Sunday Services!
    Last October we went to two Sunday services. The transition has gone well, and it’s enabled us to crank up our kids ministry at Arvo Church (with people going to Night Church able to give more time to it, and not miss out on attending a service). Having two services is a great foundation and platform for us to keep growing, so please pray for God to bring many more into His kingdom and our fellowship.

    2. The Staff team has doubled!
    Dev Blair joined our team at the start of January as our second full time pastor. He’s in charge of the engine room - recruiting, training & supporting of our leaders (home group leaders and ministry team co-ordinators), and seeking to help everyone at CoastEC find their way into a home group and a ministry team. Please pray for Dev, his wife AJ, and their kids (Kaylee and Judah) as they settle in to Forster and tis new role. We’re blessed to have Ruthie still on board, but with a new focus of equipping CoastEC members to effectively share the gospel amongst their social networks. Please pray for God to use her powerfully and for many at CoastEC to fire up for mission. And Megan Couper has also joined our team and is doing a ministry apprenticeship with us (MTS). Ask God to shape and equip her, and to give her wisdom about where and how to serve God in the future. So praise God for growing the team and ask for us to work well together, that we’d be like-minded, and do everything for God's glory and the good of His people.

    3. Solid Rock
    A team of about 80 young adults (including some from CoastEC) ran a 10 day youth mission in Forster in January that was geared toward connecting with local youth. Hundreds of local teens came thru the tent and experienced generous hospitality (free coffee and panckaes) and heard live bands and people’s stories about how God had impacted their lives. The good news of Jesus was presented clearly about 20 youth and young adults said they were keen to start following Jesus as a result. This is truly amazing. Please pray for Zac, Anna, Ryan and Blake who have all started coming to church, and ask for them to keep growing in their faith.

    4. Youth - change of time and venue
    Please pray for our youth groups to transition well to their new time slot of 6-8pm on Fri Nights. Our senior high group will also be moving from Megan & Ruth’s house to the YMCA, so praise God for providing a sweet space, and please pray that they’d keep connecting with lots of new locals.

    5. Helping the poor and needy
    We are about to launch 2 new things to help locals who may be struggling with their finances (and there are many in town). We’re kicking off a CAP money management course (seeking to teach basic money management skills and free people from debt – both financial and spiritual). And we’re looking to establish a tax-deductible ‘love bomb’ fund (benevolence fund) so we can help out those in serious and urgent financial crisis. Please pray for us to connect well with people and to give them a practical demonstration of God’s love and outrageous generosity to the needy.

    6. Other things to pray for
    Baptisms - Sunday 17th Feb. Please pray for this to be a great time of celebration and testifying to God’s goodness.
    Vision 2013 – Sunday 24th Feb. Ask for our annual general meeting to be a positive time of reflection & vision casting.
    Newish – Wednesday 2th Feb. Pray for newcomers to feel welcome & to work out their next step with Jesus & CoastEC
    Home Group Leaders Meeting – Monday 4th March. Pray for Dev as he leads the team and ask for God to equip them.
    Get Involved – Monday 11th March – Praise God for our ministry team leaders and ask God to sustain & empower them
    Men’s Event – Friday 22nd March – Pray for us to connect with lots of blokes and that they’d be keen to learn more.

    “I thank my God every time I remember you…because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now”

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