Prayer Update June/July 2019

Hey friends of CoastEC!

Life's good.
Autumn is our favourite time of the year - Daylight Savings, Ice Creams, and the ocean water is warm and fishy!

Had a great time hanging out with my brothers who came and stayed a couple of nights.

We celebrated CoastEC's 10th bday with a big bbq and jumping castle.

Here's a pic of most of the original launch team 10 years later.

I'm still so very thankful for the privilege of serving such a great bunch of people at CoastEC!

What's been happening?

STAFFOver the last 3 months we've interviewed a bunch of people who've applied for the Kids & Youth Pastor role.
It's been encouraging to meet with some godly and gifted candidates!
Please pray for wisdom as we finish upon interviews and decide who to offer the position to.


We've paid a deposit for the block of land opposite the school.
Once the subdivision is complete (which seems to be talking forever!) we will settle on the land.
When we fully own the land we'll send our Design Brief to the architect.
Then we'll get some feedback and suggestions from the church on the design, and then keep refining the design until we're happy with it.
Once we've landed on a final design, we'll be able to work out how much it's likely to cost. And then we'll seek to raise the funds to begin construction on Stage 1.
All of this will obviously take several years, lots of prayer, hard work and sacrifice. But God willing, the site will become a hub for gospel ministry in the region for generations to come.
If you have any ideas about fundraising, or professional skills you're prepared to donate to CoastEC in regards to the building project, please let Chris know.
Please keep praying for wisdom for our Admin Committee and Design Team. Ask God to let the best ideas rise to the top, and to provide what we'll need.

If you'd like to give financially to our building fund, here are the details
Account Name: Coast EC Property Trust
Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation
BSB: 032 543
Account No: 286216


God willing, next year we'll be starting a new church in Taree!
This is something we’ve been praying and dreaming about for years.
In 2017, we employed Joel Hill as a church planter apprentice.
Since then he’s done a great job leading the launch phase of our Hallidays congregation (20 mins north of Forster).
We believe it’s now time to send him off to plant a new independent church in Taree, which will be called Manning Bible Church.
At this stage, we plan to farewell Joel and the launch team on the 23rd Feb, and the public launch of Manning Bible Church will be Sunday 15th March.
Please pray for Joel as he gathers & trains a launch team, sets up all the legal and administrative stuff, and finds a venue to rent for the Sunday Service.
Please also prayerfully consider moving to Taree to be a part of this new ministry from ground zero.
There are obviously going to be significant costs to all this.
1. Relationships - It will be sad to say goodbye to Joel and his family, and to the brothers and sisters who go with them to start a new church. We will miss them dearly! This side of heaven, our relationships are temporary and often seasonal. But for the sake of the gospel, and the lost, we must be willing to send our best and most loved. We look forward to the day when Jesus returns because then there will be no need to send missionaries or say goodbye. We will all be gathered around the throne of our king, with the new people reached by the gospel in Taree and surrounds, enjoying unbroken fellowship with each other, and our Lord. But this side of eternity, there will always be a need for new churches seeking to reach new people.
2. Finances - Starting new churches costs money. CoastEC will commit to supporting Manning Bible Church financially for at least 3 years. We will also no longer receive the giving of the members who leave to go and plant with Joel. This will impact our income, so we’ll need to reassess our budget in light of this.
3. Staffing - We don’t think we’ll be able to afford to employ someone else to fill Joel’s position (as well as employing a Kids & Youth Pastor). This means our existing staff will have to cover Joel’s responsibilities to some degree. This will be a stretch - so please pray for energy and wisdom.
Is it worth it?
Yep! Starting new gospel ministries is always costly. But we believe in the strategic importance of establishing another gospel hub in a large regional centre, that God willing, will have an effective reach into the surrounding suburbs. At the end of the day, how much are souls worth? What cost was God prepared to pay for them? Are we willing to sacrifice for His great cause?

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