Prayer Update (May 2012)

Hi friends!
Thanks for your prayers & encouragement. The last 6 months has been a great season for us as a church, & we have some exciting new things going on. We really appreciate your ongoing prayer support. Much love,
Chris (on behalf of CoastEC).


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    1. We are planning for a new service
    God keeps growing His church. There are 85 adults and 55 kids who now regularly attend the service, and 100 people (adults and teens) in bible study groups.
    we’re preparing to start another service in October. We just changed the time of our service from 5pm to 4pm (which is a better time for the growing number of young families, especially with kids who turn into werewolves at 5pm); and we’re hoping to launch a new 6pm service in October (which will allow us to connect with a greater number of people). Please pray for a good transition, that our people will step up and serve where they're needed most, and that we’ll see more people come to know the one, true God thru Jesus Christ.

    2. We're employing a new pastor in 2013
    God willing we are employing another pastor next year to help us grow the work. Our basic strategy for growing is to try and multiply everything we’re doing (home groups, youth groups, kids church, church services, staff etc). This involves multiplying our leadership. Their main role will be overseeing the recruiting, training, equipping and supporting of our leaders (our home group leaders and ministry co-ordinators). So far 11 people have expressed interest in the job. Please Pray for God to raise up the right man, and for wisdom for Chris as he discerns who that is. At this stage we are hoping to keep Ruth on part time as well, but shifting her role from Ministries Co-ordinator to Missions (equipping us to live as local missionaries). Please pray that God would provide the resources we need to (and think about your ability to partner with us financially).

    3. We are having a new kid
    Sharon is due any day now (due 28th May), and we’re looking forward to meeting our third child. Please pray for a safe delivery and health for mum and bub. Also ask for Caleb and Hannah to love and welcome the bub into the family too. Pray for energy and wisdom as we seek to raise our kids to know Jesus. Ask for power to do that in our sleep deprived state!

    4. We have a new office
    The CoastEC office has moved our house to a shared office at Wharf St (the main street in town). With kid #3 on the way, and a growing staff team, it’s time reduce the amount of traffic through our house, and to find another space to direct the affairs of the church from. The location is great and we are stoked to be sharing the office space with another guy from church (which basically halves the cost). Please pray that the space will be used well for God’s glory.

    God has continued to graciously meet all our needs and pay all our bills, thru the loving and sacrificial giving of His people. Thanks for your generosity and gospel partnership. We really value it. Our budget will be increasing significantly next year, so if you are currently supporting us financially, can you please keep it up? And if you’re not, could you please consider starting? For more info head here for info on how you can give.

    “I thank my God every time I remember you…because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now”

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