Prayer Update (Oct-Nov 2012)

Hi people!
I hope you’re all well. It's been a busy season, but God has been sustaining us by his grace. My family is charging along. We had a month of all being sick, and we're stoked it's over! We’ve got a week's holiday coming up from 5th-11th Nov so we’re looking fwd to some rest and solid time together. There’s plenty going on and lots to be thankful for. So thanks for your continued prayer & support! Much love, Chris (on behalf of CoastEC).


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    1. Night Church has kicked off!
    On October 14th we had the amazing joy of kicking off night church - our second Sunday service - with about 30 people. We are stoked about this, and the first few weeks have gone well. Can you please pray that having 2 services will enable us to serve one another even better (as those attending Night Church can now more regularly serve in the kids ministries attached to Arvo Church) and that God would draw many more people to know Him thru CoastEC.

    2. The Staff team is doubling next year
    In January, Dev Blair will join our team as our second full time pastor and will be working in the engine room. He'll oversee the recruiting, training, equipping and supporting of our leaders (home group leaders and ministry team co-ordinators). Pray for Dev, his wife AJ, and their kids (Kaylee and Judah) as they make the transition from bible college to full time church work, and as they move to Forster and make new connections. Please ask God to provide an appropriate house to rent and that they settle in quickly. Ruth Shooter will shift her focus to Missions (equipping congregation members to effectively share the gospel amongst their social networks). Please pray for God to use her powerfully and for many at CoastEC to fire up for mission. Megan Couper will also come on board in February to do MTS (a ministry apprenticeship). Ask God to shape and equip her, and to give her wisdom about where and how to serve God in the future. So praise God for growing the team and ask for us to work well together, that we’d be like-minded, and do everything for God's glory and the good of his people.

    3. Youth
    Last term we were encouraged to see the junior high youth grow in their love for each other and learn to read the bible for themselves. For the rest of the year we are going to be encouraging each other to share Jesus with our friends. Give thanks: So far we have seen 5 new kids come and a year nine boy became a Christian. Pray for us to work hard at making WIRED an inclusive youth group. Pray for the youth to be bold in sharing their faith, as they face persecution.
    'Rock' (senior high) kicked off at the start of the year in an effort to reach out to yr10-12 students. We currently have a small but tight group of about 8 girls coming along, but no teen guys. Please ask God to help our leaders connect with more youth, invest well into the few he has placed in our lives and be prepared for the growth as the current year 9 crew move up from Wired next year. Please also pray for more soldiers - we need guy leaders!

    4. High School Scripture
    This year has been exciting as 6 teachers from CoastEC had the amazing opportunity to share the gospel with over 450 high school students across year 7 and 8 at Forster and Tuncurry High. 7 students went thru the gospel of Mark over 5 lessons and their was a great response from the students. This year was the first time we had opportunity to teach year 8 and despite a reduction in the number of lessons (from 5 down to 3) we were still able to clearly explain the gospel. The teens loved youtube clips and reading the bible for themselves. We are currently negotiating with both High schools to add year 9 to next years program. Pray for break through in the lives of all who heard the good news of Jesus and for wisdom as to ways to follow them up. Please continue to pray for the door to remain open and opportunity to start lunch time groups next year.

    5. Helping the poor and needy
    We recently had a few people trained up as 'money coaches' by Christians Against Poverty, and we hope to roll out a money management course over the next few months. This new ministry will aim to help the many people in town struggling financially to learn basic money management skills and that many would be freed from debt. The big goal is to see people saved from both debt and saved from death, as they come to know Jesus as well.

    “I thank my God every time I remember you…because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now”

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