Empowered for Mission (Acts 1:1-11) by Chris , added on Thu 05 Feb, 15

Jesus has given His people a clear mission and the power to carry it out. Are you getting amongst it? check out the sermon here Acts 1:1-11

How do we make godly decisions? (Acts 1:12-26) by Dev , added on Mon 09 Feb, 15

The disciples had a problem. The were one man down in their team of 12. How did they know who should replace Judas? As we follow Jesus we will always have big choices to make. Where to live? What job to ...

Can God heal me? (Acts 3:1-26) by Chris , added on Thu 19 Mar, 15

Miraculous signs point us to Jesus. They show us Who He Is and how to relate to Him. check out the sermon here Acts 3:1-26

How to be courageous (Acts 4:1-31) by Chris , added on Thu 19 Mar, 15

Following Jesus takes courage. And courage comes from having these 5 key convictions. check out the sermon here Acts 4:1-31

Ananias & Sapphira (Acts 4:32-5:11) by Dev , added on Fri 20 Mar, 15

*** Apologies – this sermon did not get recorded.check out the sermon hereActs 4:32-5:11

The gospel: a joyful suffering – (Acts 5:12-42) by Admin , added on Tue 24 Mar, 15

Sharing the gospel with joy in the face of rejection. This week we were privileged to have a team from Sydney Missionary & Bible College join us. We were blessed to have Rev Dr Malcolm Gill (Lecturer) preach at our 4...

Priorities (Acts 6:1-7) by Chris , added on Fri 17 Apr, 15

Growing churches face growing pains and someone or something is bound to be neglected. We need to learn how to stay focussed on our core business so the church stays healthy and keeps growing. check out the sermon here Acts 6:1...

How to face opposition to the gospel (Acts 6:8-7:60) by Dev , added on Fri 01 May, 15

Ever faced opposition to the gospel? If you follow Jesus then I reckon you probably have in some format. Whether it’s family, friends, work mates, school mates or sports mates then no doubt they’ve said something about God ...

Breaking New Ground (Acts 8:1-40) by Chris , added on Fri 01 May, 15

God is passionate about blessing the nations. Persecution can’t stop the spread of the gospel. And God is still breaking new ground today. check out the sermon here Acts 7:59-8:40

What does God’s mercy mean for you? (Acts 9:1-43) by Dev , added on Sun 17 May, 15

The death penalty. A doctor’s report. A failed job interview. A verdict given has the power to change everything. The way we see the world, the way we interact with people and the way we spend our time. What ...

Good news for everyone (Acts 10:1-11:30) by Chris , added on Sun 17 May, 15

Better than Bacon? The gospel is for all people. The gospel unites all people. All people need the gospel. check out the sermon here Acts 10:1-11:30

How to follow Jesus under pressure (Acts 12:1-25) by Chris , added on Sun 07 Jun, 15

If you follow Jesus and speak up for Him, you will come under pressure and persecution. Many of us will feel tempted to quit or to go quiet. How can we press on when we feel like the world is ...

Why Christians should aim for the Moon (Acts 13:1-14:28) by Dev , added on Sun 07 Jun, 15

The moon plays a vital role in how we live. It reflects the brightness of something much greater – the Sun. Our role as believers is to reflect the glory of One much greater – the Son. Join us as we take ...

How to love meat and vegans (Acts 15:1-16:5) by Chris , added on Sun 07 Jun, 15

  The gospel of free grace compels to extend costly grace others. It calls us to not only enjoy our freedom, but to sacrifice our rights, preferences and comforts for the sake of fellowship and mission. check out the sermon ...

God is sovereign over our strategies and results (Acts 16:6-40) by Chris , added on Sun 14 Jun, 15

It’s good to plan and strategise about effectively serving God and advance the gospel, but God is sovereign over our strategies & plans; the results of our labour; and will advance the gospel despite opposition and bad press. check ...

Don’t just know about Jesus – follow him! (Acts 18:23-19:41) by Dev , added on Wed 01 Jul, 15

2000 years ago Jesus walked up to a group of people and said, “Follow me”. Fast forward to today and Jesus continues to do the same to you and I. He wants us to follow him with everything he has given ...

Godly Leadership (Acts 20:1-38) by Chris , added on Mon 20 Jul, 15

What should churches expect from their pastors? They should be humble servants, faithful teachers and watchful shepherds. check out the sermon here Acts 20:1-38

How to avoid ‘Christian Attention Deficit Disorder’! (Acts 21:1-23:11) by Dev , added on Wed 22 Jul, 15

Do you suffer from C.A.D.D.? Christian Attention Deficit Disorder. How can Paul after so many years continue to be so fresh as he serves the Lord Jesus? Well, the clue is that he does something that you ...

Detours and Delays can be God-guided opportunities. (Acts 27:1-28:31) by Dev , added on Tue 28 Jul, 15

Join us for our final sermon on the Book of Acts. Paul has been through a lot and not once do we see his faith waver. No matter what detours or delays come he keeps marching on to the beat ...

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