Does Belonging to God Make Any Difference? (Malachi 1:1-14) by Joel Hill , added on Sun 21 Oct, 18

If you’re wondering whether belonging to God makes any difference, and whether you should bother, Malachi 1 is a great chapter to dig into. Let’s check it out!

Do we really believe God is whom He says He is? (Malachi 2:1-16) by Dev Blair , added on Sun 28 Oct, 18

The truth always has consequences. What we believe about God will determine both the big and small things in our lives. Join us as we take a look at what following the God of the Bible means about the leadership ...

Where is the God of Justice?! (Malachi 2:17-3:15) by Joel Hill , added on Sun 04 Nov, 18

Today’s headlines are full of horrific acts, tomorrow’s will be exactly the same…where is the God of justice?! Malachi 3 shows us. Let’s check it out.

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