Jesus' power and purpose (Matthew 8:1-17) by Chris Ekins , added on Sun 19 Apr, 20

Jesus had power to heal all kinds of sickness with just a word or a touch. But the healings pointed beyond themselves, to Jesus' identity and his purpose for you and me.

Following Jesus: The Commitment & the Priority (Matthew 8:18-22) by Dev Blair , added on Sun 26 Apr, 20

One of the trickier passages in Matthew's Gospel. Or, is it? Two would-be disciples have a problem letting go of what it takes to follow the King. Join us as we check out a cracker passage where Jesus ...

Jesus' Authority & Identity (Matthew 8:23-9:8) by Chris Ekins , added on Sun 03 May, 20

Jesus miracles show you his authority across all spheres of life. And his authority stems from Who He Is - the Son of God, the Son of Man.Praise God that he uses his authority to rescue people and banish ...

A new way of relating to God (Matthew 9:9-17) by Chris Ekins , added on Sun 10 May, 20

Jesus came to call people from all walks of life into a new relationship with God.

Come to Jesus (Matthew 9:18-34) by Dev Blair , added on Sun 17 May, 20

What does 'faith' look like and what does Jesus do with our 'faith'? Join us as we see different people in different circumstances approaching Jesus. See the difference he makes.

On Mission with Jesus (Matthew 9:35-10:42) by Chris Ekins , added on Sun 24 May, 20

Jesus calls his followers to radical and sacrificial commitment to both Him and to His cause. It may be costly, but it will be worth it.

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