Is following Jesus worth it? (Revelation 1:1-8) by Chris Ekins , added on Tue 20 Aug, 13

Revelation was written to Christians who were under extreme pressure and many were wondering if following Jesus was really worth it. What would you say to someone who was thinking about quitting?

Can Jesus be my homeboy? Or was he a bearded lady!? (Revelation 1:9-20) by Dev Blair , added on Mon 26 Aug, 13

When you think of the name 'JESUS', what image comes to mind? To follow Jesus more deeply we need to see him as the Bible presents him. Quite often our view of something will determine our reaction to ...

When it's good to be intolerant (Revelation 2:1-11) by Chris Ekins , added on Tue 03 Sep, 13

Jesus commends two character traits the church has lost and the world despises: intolerance and hate. Are you intolerant enough for Jesus? Do you hate what He hates?

Surviving the pressure cooker (Revelation 2:12-29) by Chris Ekins , added on Mon 09 Sep, 13

Jesus calls us to resist pressure from outside the church and false teaching inside the church.

Jesus isn't a fan of zombie churches! (Revelation 3:1-13) by Dev Blair , added on Sat 21 Sep, 13

Ever turn up to church on auto-pilot? Not really sure why you're there, sometimes? The Bible teaches us that we either choose Jesus or the ways of the world; it's one or the other, no compromise, ...

Churches that make Jesus sick (Revelation 3:14-22) by Dev Blair , added on Tue 24 Sep, 13

Jesus says that lukewarm churches - ones that are apathetic, complacent & self-reliant - will be spewed out of his mouth. How's your spiritual temperature?

God is worthy of your worship (Revelation 4:1-11) by Chris Ekins , added on Fri 04 Oct, 13

How big is your picture of God? Holy enough to bring you to your knees? Powerful enough to handle your dramas? Worthy enough to worship even when life is tough? If not, you don't know Him as He ...

Jesus is worthy of our worship and service (Revelation 5:1-14) by Pete Flower , added on Wed 09 Oct, 13

Jesus is worthy of our worship and service. He is the Lamb who was slain for our sin and who purchased us with his blood. He is our Redeemer and we belong to Him. He is also Lion of the ...

Unanswered Prayers? (Revelation 6:1-17) by Chris Ekins , added on Mon 14 Oct, 13

Life is tough. Bad things happen to nice people. And Christians are not immune to suffering. Why does God allow that? And why doesn't He do anything about it? Ever felt like your prayers go unanswered?

Do I really want Jesus to come back? (Revelation 7:1-17) by Dev Blair , added on Mon 28 Oct, 13

As a Christian, is it bad to be anxious about Jesus coming back? What actually happens on that day? How do I know for sure that I will be safe from God’s judgement. There are so many different ...

7 Trumpets: Warnings of Judgement (Revelation 8:6-9:21) by Chris Ekins , added on Mon 28 Oct, 13

Why does God allow heaps of people to die in natural disasters and wars? Doesn’t he care? Isn’t he powerful enough to stop them? Revelation 8-9 gives us part of the answer. And it isn’...

The Two Witnesses and our message….. (Revelation 10:1-11:14) by Dev Blair , added on Wed 06 Nov, 13

What’s the deal with the Two Witnesses? Who are they and what do they have to do with us?!

Why is it such a battle to follow Jesus? (Revelation 12) by Chris Ekins , added on Mon 11 Nov, 13

Why is it such a battle to follow Jesus? Revelation 12 pulls back the curtain on our struggles, and shows us that the devil is hell bent on destroying us, and how to be victorious in the battle.

There will be blood (Revelation 14:6-20) by Dev Blair , added on Sun 01 Dec, 13

Of all the images in the Book of Revelation this passage has to have some of the most gruesome. God graciously shows us the future of humanity. Judgement is coming. We will all be harvested by Him one day, but ...

7 Bowls of Wrath (Revelation 15-16) by Dave Miers , added on Sun 08 Dec, 13

How should we feel about God’s judgement?Guest preacher Dave Miers (from St Faiths Narrabeen) shows us that God judges with justice and mercy, and tells us how we’re to respond to that

Babylon: Attractive yet thoroughly defeated! (Revelation 17-18) by Dev Blair , added on Sun 15 Dec, 13

We all know that ‘looks can be deceiving’ and we should never ‘judge a book by its cover’ – sometimes things aren’t quite what they seem! Rev 17 & 18 agree! They ask the crucial question ...

King of Kings, Lord of Lords (Revelation 19) by Chris Ekins , added on Sun 22 Dec, 13

How big is your picture of Jesus? Are you really ready to meet Him?

Go hard, then go Home! (Revelation 20) by Dev Blair , added on Sun 29 Dec, 13

Life is tiring! How are you feeling at the end of 2013? It has been a big year for some. More importantly, how are you feeling in regards to the mission of the gospel? Was 2013 a big year for kingdom building? ...

Heaven and how to get there (Revelation 21) by Chris Ekins , added on Sun 05 Jan, 14

What images come to mind when you think about heaven? God describes it like a sheep marrying a building! Trying to describe life after death to those who’ve never experienced it before is like trying to explain life ...

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