Summer Psalms

Finding Hope (Psalm 33) by Dev Blair , added on Sun 31 Dec, 17

We all hope in something. But when the crunch comes will our hope hold, or will it crumble? Join us as we check out the solid hope that God has for His people in Psalm 33.

Finding Satisfaction (Psalm 145) by Dev Blair , added on Sun 07 Jan, 18

The world is built to worship. Most of us just worship the wrong thing. Join us as King David shares with us in his last Psalm about what will quench the desire you have for satisfaction. 

Finding Security (Psalm 62) by Chris Ekins , added on Sun 14 Jan, 18

When life gets messy, what do you turn to for comfort or security? Learn how to run to God - the solid rock, fortress and shelter for our souls.

Finding Help in Hard Times (Psalm 25) by Chris Ekins , added on Sun 21 Jan, 18

Life is hard. We face battles with other people. We feel weighed down by things that have happened in the past. And we feel anxious about the future. Psalm 25 shows us where we can find help in the midst of ...

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