How to live skilfully (Proverbs 1:1-7) by Dev Blair , added on Wed 26 Oct, 16

Ever wanted to live life better? Well, the Book of Proverbs tells us how to. Join us as we check out an awesome book and see how God wants His people to live with skill in a broken world.  

Wise Priorities (Proverbs 3:1-18) by Pete Flower , added on Wed 02 Nov, 16

Life can get pretty hectic with so many things competing for our attention each moment of every day. Some days we can get to the end of it and our To Do list hasn't even been touched. The ...

How to be wise in friendships (Proverbs) by Chris Ekins , added on Tue 08 Nov, 16

God made us relational beings, and our friendships shape us (and others) for better or worse. Proverbs shows us how to be wise in friendships, calls us to choose well, and to be faithful. We are ultimately pointed us to ...

Wisdom & Words (Proverbs 18:1-21) by Dev Blair , added on Wed 16 Nov, 16

On average men use 7,000 words a day and women use.......20,000 words a day (not a judgement...just facts!). That's a lot of words coming out!As humans, we have a problem though. Once the words come out of ...

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