All-in BBQ Bonfire Bonanza

Sat 20th Jul, 2019
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213 Tallwoods Drive, Hallidays Point.
Chris Ekins  

Bring all the family along for a fun afternoon/evening! We will be having dinner and a bonfire and there will be a Jumping Castle for the kids!

Please bring salads to share, snacks, drinks, chairs. Meat provided. 

A donation box will be provided for those who wish to help cover costs. 

Location: Dan & Mel Garton's property. The address is - 213 Tallwoods Drive, Hallidays Point. In the Tallwoods Estate.

Directions: If you head down the driveway of 213 Tallwoods Drive stick to the right-hand side and it will turn into a dirt road (any car is suitable, it's nice and smooth). Continue on the dirt road for 1 minute - there will be red balloons or ribbons tied up for you to follow if you've never been there before. The dirt road ends in a huge open clearing where there is plenty of parking. You'll see everyone there and the fire will be going. 

Time: 2pm-10pm

The area is well lit up at night, so there is no need for torches, etc.......unless you want to play a sweet game of spotto....!There are also amenities down there at the campfire area. However, it's just a 1-minute drive up to the house if you prefer to use more porcelain based structures.... :) 

Parents! You are responsible for your children. Please watch them on the jumping castle and around the fires. We don't want anyone to get hurt!

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