Women's Event - Ladies Bonfire Night

Sat 30th Jun, 2018
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Sharon Ekins  
0428 445 767

On Saturday, 30th June the women of CoastEC are having a bonfire up at the Garton's property. We would love you to join us as we look to gather together to have a chilled evening sitting around some flamey goodness! 

WHEN: Saturday, 30th June

TIME: 4pm onwards

WHERE: Dan & Mel Garton's property. The address is - 213 Tallwoods Drive, Hallidays Point. In the Tallwoods Estate.

DIRECTIONSIf you head down the driveway of 213 Tallwoods Drive stick to the right-hand side and it will turn into a dirt road (any car is suitable, it's nice and smooth). Continue on the dirt road for 1 minute - there will be red balloons or ribbons tied up for you to follow if you've never been there before. The dirt road ends in a huge open clearing where there is plenty of parking. You'll see everyone there and the fire will be going.

WHAT TO BRING: *Dinner will be warm, wintery soups and crusty bread rolls. Which means.....we would love you to bring a pot of soup or some bread to share! * A mug to have some soup in. * A blanket in case it's super freezing.* There is plenty of seating but feel free to bring a camping chair if you feel the need for extra comfort. * A soft drink or juice to share and feel free to bring any snacks (chips, cheese, chocolate or marshmallows!).

The area is well lit up at night, so there is no need for torches, etc.......unless you want to play a sweet game of spotto....!There are also amenities down there at the campfire area. However, it's just a 1-minute drive up to the house if you prefer to use more porcelain based structures.... :)
If you need more details about the evening then please contact Sharon Ekins (0428445767). Or, if you can't find the campfire area then please call Dan or Mel Garton (0428337171).

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