Round Table

Wed 18th Jul, 2018
Dev Blair  
0433 703 337

The topic of this session will be - 'Parenting Young Children in a Secular World'.

Many of the parents that call CoastEC home have been feeling the growing pressure of raising kids in a very secular society. Many things have changed since we were in primary school. Our country's definition of a normal family, the use of technology, our public and private education systems have all gone through big changes - and no doubt they will continue to change.

So how, as Christian parents, do we prepare and disciple our kids well for God's glory as they grow up in a society that is getting more and more hostile towards Christianity?

During the evening we will brainstorm some of the challenges our children face, look through some biblical principles, spend time talking about strategies we can use from those principles and then look at a few helpful resources that are on offer.

Date:Wednesday, 18th July

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